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Engine Arrangements Assembly 8N-1010 Engine Arrangement(Caterpillar 3208 general engine machine)

Part NO. 8N-1010
Name Engine Arrangement
Section Engine Arrangements
Modifier -
SNP 90N IESCN SEBP12430004
Updated 2002-04-13
Stock China GuangZhou
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CAT 3208 Engine Arrangements 8N-1010 Assembly

8N1010 Engine ARRANGEMENT--Part 2 of 2, --125 bhp, Provides Dynapac a Direct Injection, Naturally Aspirated Engine With Front Sump, Oil Pan, R.H. Mounted Pcv Valve And Sae No. 2 Flywheel Housing. NOTE:, When Ordering Parts Give Arrangement Number And Serial NUMBER.
Model: Caterpillar 3208
Catalog: General Engine Machine
Section: Engine Arrangements

Grp. Ref. Part NO. Name Modify Note Comments Quantity Maint
9N-3761 9N-3761 Cylinder Block Group Y 1 N
9N-0728 9N-0728 Camshaft Group Y 1 N
9L-6065 9L-6065 Cylinder Block Cover Group Y 1 N
9N-2133 9N-2133 Crankshaft Group Y 1 N
9N-6222 9N-6222 Crankshaft Group Y 1 N
9N-3538 9N-3538 Connecting Rod And Piston Group Y 8 N
9N-0542 9N-0542 Crankshaft Seal Group Y 1 N
9N-0730 9N-0730 Valve Mechanism Cover Group Y 1 N
9N-1105 9N-1105 Cylinder Head Group Y 1 N
9N-0191 9N-0191 Lifting GROUP-- R.H. Side Y 1 N
9N-0210 9N-0210 Lifting GROUP-- L.H. Side Y 1 N
9N-0487 9N-0487 Valve Mechanism Group Y 1 N
9N-0560 9N-0560 Front Housing Cover Group Y 1 N
9N-0787 9N-0787 Pulley And Damper Group Y 1 N
9N-1080 9N-1080 Front Housing Group Y 1 N
9N-0122 9N-0122 Support Group Y 1 N
9L-7861 9L-7861 Flywheel Housing Cover Group Y 1 N
9N-0529 9N-0529 Flywheel Housing Group Y 1 N
4N-8850 4N-8850 Flywheel Group Y 1 N
9N-0565 9N-0565 Oil Pan Group Y 1 N
9L-9200 9L-9200 Oil Filter Assembly Y 2 N
9N-5570 9N-5570 Oil Filter Assembly Y 2 N
9N-5129 9N-5129 Oil Lines Group Y 1 N
9N-5128 9N-5128 Oil Pump Group Y 1 N
4N-8930 4N-8930 Oil Level Gauge Group Y 1 N
9N-0729 9N-0729 Oil Cooler Group Y 1 N
9N-0733 9N-0733 Water Lines Group Y 1 N
9N-3654 9N-3654 Water Pump Group Y 1 N
1N-9787 1N-9787 Fan Spacer 1 N
9L-6258 9L-6258 Exhaust Manifold Group Y 1 N
9N-0555 9N-0555 Inlet Manifold Group Y 1 N
9N-0735 9N-0735 Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve Group Y 1 N
3N-2915 3N-2915 Air Cleaner Adapter Group Y 1 N
9N-3846 9N-3846 Air Cleaner Adapter Group Y 1 N
8N-4709 8N-4709 Exhaust Connector Assembly 2 N
9L-6743 9L-6743 Governor Control Group Y 1 N
9N-0740 9N-0740 Governor And Fuel Pump Drive Group Y 1 N
9L-6925 9L-6925 Fuel System Fastener Group Y 1 N
4N-5868 4N-5868 Fuel Filter Group Y 1 N
9N-0435 9N-0435 Fuel Filter Lines Group Y 1 N
9N-3880 9N-3880 Fuel Injection Lines Group Y 1 N
4N-4314 4N-4314 Fuel Priming Pump Group Y 1 N
8N-1038 8N-1038 Governor And Fuel Injection Pump Group Y 1 N
8N-5640 8N-5640 Governor & Fuel Injection Pump Group Y 1 N
7N-0950 7N-0950 Water Separator Group Y 1 N
6N-0467 6N-0467 Alternator Group Y 1 N
2N-5880 2N-5880 Regulator Harness Assembly 1 N
6N-3161 6N-3161 Voltage Regulator Assembly --12 Volt 1 N
6N-3158 6N-3158 Regulator Bracket Assembly 1 N
S: 90N / 90N (37285 ~ 52892)
: Serial NO. 90N37285 TO 90N44972 Inclusive : - OR - : Serial NO. 90N44973--UP : Serial NO. 90N37285 TO 90N42465 And 90N43935--UP : - OR - : Serial NO. 90N42466 TO 90N43934 Inclusive : Serial NO. 90N44181--UP Y: Separate Illustration

*Assembly 8N-1010 Engine Arrangement Suitable for 3208 General Engine Machine Engine Arrangements
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