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Engine Arrangement Assembly 2W-9125 Engine AR(Caterpillar 3208 general engine machine)

Part NO. 2W-9125
Name Engine AR
Section Engine Arrangement
Modifier -
SNP 03Z IESCN SEBP13040030
Updated 2002-04-13
Stock China GuangZhou
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CAT 3208 Engine Arrangement 2W-9125 Assembly

2W9125 Engine AR-PART 2 OF 2, White Farm Equipment COMPANY. S/N 3Z2533-UP, 167.8 Brake KW (225 BHP) AT 2610 RPM, S/N 3Z1-7213
Model: Caterpillar 3208
Catalog: General Engine Machine
Section: Engine Arrangement

Grp. Ref. Part NO. Name Modify Note Comments Quantity Maint
9N-6356 9N-6356 Cylinder Block GP RY 1 N
9N-6609 9N-6609 Camshaft GP-SINGLE Y 1 N
9N-6222 9N-6222 Crankshaft GP Y 1 N
9N-6435 9N-6435 Rod & Piston GP Y 8 N
9N-0542 9N-0542 Seal GP-CRANKSHAFT Y 1 N
8N-0913 8N-0913 Cover GP-VALVE Mechanism Y 1 N
9N-3600 9N-3600 Cylinder Head GP RY 1 N
1W-1692 1W-1692 Lifting GP Y 1 N
9N-6617 9N-6617 Valve Mechanism GP Y 1 N
9N-0560 9N-0560 Cover GP-FRONT Housing Y 1 N
9N-5590 9N-5590 Damper & Pulley GP Y 1 N
9N-5211 9N-5211 Housing GP-FRONT Y 1 N
1N-3438 1N-3438 Support GP-ENGINE Y 1 N
9L-7861 9L-7861 Cover GP-FLYWHEEL Housing Y 1 N
9N-0529 9N-0529 Housing GP-FLYWHEEL Y 1 N
7W-3999 7W-3999 Housing GP-FLYWHEEL Y 1 N
7C-6032 7C-6032 Housing GP-FLYWHEEL Y 1 N
8N-8037 8N-8037 Flywheel GP Y 1 N
9N-6314 9N-6314 Pan GP-ENGINE Oil Y 1 N
4W-5653 4W-5653 Gauge GP-OIL Level Y 1 N
9N-6007 9N-6007 Filter AS-ENGINE Oil 2 N
9Y-0858 9Y-0858 Filter GP-ENGINE Oil Y 1 N
9N-6336 9N-6336 Lines GP-ENGINE Oil Y 1 N
7C-6256 7C-6256 Lines GP-ENGINE Oil Y 1 N
1N-4254 1N-4254 Pump GP-OIL Y 1 N
9N-3593 9N-3593 Cooler GP-ENGINE Oil Y 1 N
6N-0466 6N-0466 Lines GP-WATER Y 1 N
9N-3654 9N-3654 Pump GP-WATER Y 1 N
7N-7613 7N-7613 Drive GP-WATER Pump Y 1 N
9N-6606 9N-6606 Lines GP-PCV Y 1 N
7N-8464 7N-8464 Lines GP-PCV Y 1 N
9N-6755 9N-6755 Lines GP-AIR Y 1 N
9N-3612 9N-3612 Manifold GP-EXHAUST Y 1 N
9N-6619 9N-6619 Manifold GP-INLET Y 1 N
9N-6568 9N-6568 Turbocharger GP Y 1 N
2W-7470 2W-7470 Turbocharger GP Y 1 N
9L-6743 9L-6743 Control GP-GOVERNOR Y 1 N
1W-7320 1W-7320 Drive GP-GOVERNOR & Fuel Pump Y 1 N
9L-6925 9L-6925 Fastener GP-FUEL Pump Housing Y 1 N
4N-5868 4N-5868 Filter GP-FUEL Y 1 N
1W-4436 1W-4436 Lines GP-FUEL Filter Y 1 N
9N-3880 9N-3880 Lines GP-FUEL Injection Y 1 N
4W-5800 4W-5800 Lines GP-FUEL Injection Y 1 N
7W-1998 7W-1998 Lines GP-FUEL Injection Y 1 N
4N-4314 4N-4314 Pump GP-FUEL Priming Y 1 N
2W-9017 2W-9017 Pump GP-GOVERNOR & Fuel Injection Y 1 N
4W-5623 4W-5623 Pump GP-GOVERNOR & Fuel Injection Y 1 N
7C-9492 7C-9492 Pump GP-GOVERNOR & Fuel Injection Y 1 N
4N-9315 4N-9315 Mounting GP-ALTERNATOR Y 1 N
6V-6401 6V-6401 Central & Lower Structure N
6V-3789 6V-3789 Front Structure N
6N-3723 6N-3723 Fuel System N
6V-8043 6V-8043 Multiple Cylinder Head N
6V-6402 6V-6402 Rear Structure N
9X-8576 9X-8576 Rear Structure N
6V-8044 6V-8044 Single Cylinder Head N
6V-8045 6V-8045 Turbocharger Mounting N
S: 03Z / 03Z (1 ~ 10092)
: : : Intake & Exhaust System : S/N 3Z2533-3979 : S/N 3Z3980-UP : S/N 3Z2533-3977 & 4409-4477 : S/N 3Z3978-4408 & 4478-UP : : Fuel System & Governor : S/N 3Z2533-3471 : S/N 3Z3472-5826 : S/N 3Z5827-UP : S/N 3Z2533-3471 : S/N 3Z3472-5826 : S/N 3Z5827-UP : : Starting & Electrical System : : Gasket Kits AVAILABLE: : S/N 3Z2533-7212 : S/N 3Z7213-UP Y: Separate Illustration

*Assembly 2W-9125 Engine AR Suitable for 3208 General Engine Machine Engine Arrangement
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*Used 2W-9125 Assembly offer Customs Invoice, After-sales service is provided.
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