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Basic Engine Assembly 455-1615 KIT-ENGINE Conversion(Caterpillar 775B quarry truck)

Part NO. 455-1615
Name KIT-ENGINE Conversion
Section Basic Engine
Modifier -REPOWER
Updated 2018-08-27
Stock China GuangZhou
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CAT 775B Basic Engine 455-1615 Assembly

455-1615 KIT-ENGINE Conversion -REPOWER , S/N 7ER381-UP, Provides A Breakdown OF The Serviceable Parts Required For The REPOWER. Excluding The Engine And Optional Groups , Part OF 263-5502 Conversion AR-ENGINE
Model: Caterpillar 775B
Catalog: Quarry Truck
Section: Basic Engine

Grp. Ref. Part NO. Name Modify Note Comments Quantity Maint
5P-2424 5P-2424 Bolt 1/2-13X2.25-IN 2 N
7X-0590 7X-0590 WASHER-HARD 13.5X44.5X6-MM THK 6 N
7X-3391 7X-3391 WASHER-HARD 13.5X32X6-MM THK 2 N
8T-8917 8T-8917 Bolt 1/2-13X1.25-IN 1 N
3F-1417 3F-1417 Washer 10.3X30.2X3-MM THK 1 N
3S-8536 3S-8536 Spacer 0.406X0.656X0.38-IN THK 1 N
4L-6454 4L-6454 Bolt 3/8-16X1-IN 2 N
5P-1076 5P-1076 WASHER-HARD 13.5X30X4-MM THK 8 N
6V-8801 6V-8801 Nut 3/8-16-THD 20 N
8T-4223 8T-4223 WASHER-HARD 13.5X25.5X3-MM THK 3 N
8T-4896 8T-4896 WASHER-HARD 10.2X18.5X2.5-MM THK 20 N
8T-8919 8T-8919 Bolt 1/2-13X1.75-IN 2 N
9B-7237 9B-7237 Bolt 3/8-16X1.25-IN 1 N
1B-2578 1B-2578 Nut 3/8-16-THD 6 N
1K-4649 1K-4649 Spacer 0.516X1X1-IN THK 4 N
4L-9337 4L-9337 Bolt 3/8-16X1.5-IN 38 N
5M-3062 5M-3062 Bolt 3/8-16X0.75-IN 2 N
5P-1075 5P-1075 WASHER-HARD 10.2X22.5X3-MM THK 5 N
5P-2566 5P-2566 Bolt 1/2-13X1.5-IN 2 N
5S-5080 5S-5080 Bolt 5/16-18X1.5-IN 5 N
5S-7379 5S-7379 Bolt 3/8-16X0.875-IN 6 N
5S-7382 5S-7382 Bolt 3/8-16X1.375-IN 3 N
5S-7383 5S-7383 Bolt 3/8-16X1.75-IN 22 N
6V-4432 6V-4432 Bolt 1/2-13X4-IN 4 N
6V-8188 6V-8188 Nut 1/2-13-THD 4 N
7X-0289 7X-0289 Bolt 3/8-16X1.875-IN 16 N
7X-0328 7X-0328 Bolt 1/2-13X3.5-IN 4 N
8C-4436 8C-4436 Bolt 1/2-13X1.375-IN 8 N
8T-2501 8T-2501 Bolt 3/8-16X2-IN 14 N
8T-2502 8T-2502 Bolt 3/8-16X1.125-IN 29 N
8T-4205 8T-4205 WASHER-HARD 7.2X14.5X2-MM THK 4 N
8T-4224 8T-4224 WASHER-HARD 8.8X16X2-MM THK 3 N
8T-4835 8T-4835 Bolt 1/2-13X2-IN 4 N
8T-5390 8T-5390 Bolt 3/8-16X3.5-IN 6 N
8T-9101 8T-9101 Bolt 3/8-16X2.75-IN 2 N
8T-9377 8T-9377 Bolt 3/8-16X2.25-IN 2 N
5H-9394 5H-9394 Boss 1/2-13X1-IN 2 N
6K-2198 6K-2198 Boss 3/8-16X1-IN 2 N
4P-7428 4P-7428 Clip LADDER)(LADDER 1 N
1S-7251 1S-7251 TERMINAL-CABLE 00-GA, 1/2-IN SCREW 2 N
159-8050 159-8050 Cable 00-GA, BLACK)(53-CM E N
159-8049 159-8049 Cable 00-GA, RED)(64-CM E N
6V-2722 6V-2722 TUBE-HEAT Shrink 25.4-MM DIA)(0.1-M D N
4P-7429 4P-7429 Clip LADDER)(LADDER 4 N
4P-7581 4P-7581 Clip LADDER)(LADDER 6 N
4P-8134 4P-8134 Clip LADDER)(LADDER 2 N
6D-4246 6D-4246 Clip LOOP)(LOOP 4 N
8T-8915 8T-8915 Bolt 3/8-16X3.25-IN 1 N
1S-7252 1S-7252 TERMINAL-CABLE 00-GA, 3/8-IN SCREW 1 N
1F-7854 1F-7854 Spacer 11.01X19.05X49.21-MM THK 2 N
4B-4274 4B-4274 Washer 5.5X13X1.2-MM THK 2 N
4M-0061 4M-0061 Bolt 5/16-18X0.75-IN 3 N
8M-2770 8M-2770 Clip LOOP)(LOOP 1 N
3H-3244 3H-3244 Spacer 12.52X17.14X57-MM THK 1 N
8T-9379 8T-9379 Bolt 3/8-16X4.25-IN 1 N
4M-6424 4M-6424 Bolt 5/16-18X3-IN 1 N
5P-4116 5P-4116 WASHER-HARD 8.8X20.5X2-MM THK 1 N
101-9759 101-9759 Spacer 9X20X39.2-MM THK 1 N
0S-1588 0S-1588 Bolt 3/8-16X1.25-IN 1 N
5M-2894 5M-2894 WASHER-HARD 10.2X18.5X2.5-MM THK 2 N
5N-4751 5N-4751 V-BELT Set INCLUDES 3-BELTS Y 1 Y
0S-1619 0S-1619 Bolt 3/8-16X3-IN 4 N
2K-4973 2K-4973 Locknut 3/8-16-THD 2 N
2M-8545 2M-8545 Spacer 1.56-IN THK 2 N
5C-6565 5C-6565 Bolt 1/2-13X1.125-IN 1 N
5J-3306 5J-3306 Fitting 9/16-18-THD 1 N
S: 7ER / 7ER (381 ~ 99999)
: : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Aftercooler Group 190-3953) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Suction Fan Group 125-5070) : : (EACH INCLUDES) : (EACH INCLUDES) : (EACH INCLUDES) : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Radiator Group 203-7962) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Electrical Conversion Group 328-9003) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Engine Wiring Group 193-5580) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Governor Control Group 112-9775) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Electric Starting Motor Group 4N-1061) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Fume Disposal Group 197-8096) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Drain Lines Group 143-0057) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Gage Group 212-3563) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Filler Group 212-3567) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Belt Group 241-7876) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Air Lines Group 142-4035) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Air Cleaner Group 7C-4782) : : (EACH INCLUDES) : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Air Lines Group 160-7608) : : : (ABOVE Parts Are Part OF The Air Lines Group 190-3955) : B: Use AS Required D: Order BY The Meter E: Order BY The Centimeter G: Order BY The Inch M: Metric Part R: Remanufactured Part May BE Available Y: Separate Illustration

*Assembly 455-1615 KIT-ENGINE Conversion Suitable for 775B Quarry Truck Basic Engine
*Original 455-1615 Assembly contains Regular Invoice included, After-sales service is provided by the official.
*Used 455-1615 Assembly offer Customs Invoice, After-sales service is provided.
*All Taxes included, no more extra fee.
*Shipping country: Asia China SZ / US(depends on local tax rate,effectiveness/tax rate will be prioritized).

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